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Amy Tuifr is first seen in "FOOD & LOVE" and is PJ love intrest for 8 episodes until she leaves for new york.


She is the new girl at PJ's cooking school. They go out on a date and become a close couple. It is reveled she loves Morrocan food,cake,aquaman and the princess bride.

Good Luck Patches Edit

Pj dumps her because she had a fight with Skylar. She left for New York.


Food & Love (First Appearance)

Good Luck Hiking, Bob

Craving For Carmel Apple

Fire At The Duncan's (part)

Fire The Duncan's ( Part2)

Harlem Milkshake

Dance Macarbre

Good Luck Patches

All Out Of Luck ( Part 1) (Special Guest Star)

All Out Of Luck (Part 2)

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