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Andrew Lyons is the cousin of the Duncan kids. He lives with his aunt Amy and uncle Bob.

Andrew Lyons
Gender Male
Age May 8th 1995 (age 20)
Profession Drag Racing
Portrayed by Jacob Lyons
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Friends Rachel Thompson (best friend)

Claire Johnson

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Andrew was born in 1995 as an only child. His parents died in a lab explosion when he was young so Amy took him in as the sixth kid in the family, but have agreed to keep his last name as Lyons. When Andrew saw Teddy he was very emontional because he hasn't seen her in years and Teddy hugged Andrew so tight Andrew almost passed out.


Teddy Duncan (cousin, best friend)

Andrew and Teddy are cousins and best friends who always look out for each other. One day when Andrew's car went out of control he crashed into the wall he was placed in the hospital and Teddy was scared for his life because she thought she lost her cousin and went as far as to go blaming herself when deep down she knows it was not her fault. At home while Andrew was recovering from his injuries Teddy was watching over him until he healed because she doesn't want to leave him alone the day he crashed was also the anniversary of his parents death in the lab explosion. After the crash Andrew decided to stop racing because he is afriad it will kill him if he crashed again. Teddy told Andrew no matter what happens to him she will always be his cousin and that loves him. Andrew told Teddy he missed her and Charlie the most.

PJ Duncan (cousin)

Andrew and PJ get a long well aside. PJ is more afraid of Andrew then Andrew is afraid of PJ.

Gabe Duncan (cousin)

Andrew and Gabe normally play video games and watch action movies. Gabe likes the fact that Andrew is a drag racer.

Charlie Duncan (cousin)

Charlie is one of Andrew's cousin who seem to hate it when he leaves the house to go some where because she is afraid he won't come back.

Amy Duncan (aunt)

Amy is Andrew's aunt. Amy took Andrew in after the explosion that killed his parents and promised to take care of him. Andrew loves his aunt so much and promised he would try hard in school which he was doing but was still getting an F in every class. When Amy saw for the first time in a while she smiled and told him that the family miss having him around. Andrew thanks his aunt Amy for taking him in and is too scared to live by himself.

Bob Duncan (uncle)

Andrew loves his uncle very much and thanks him for exterminating bugs because Andrew is terrified of bugs and spiders.

Skyler (crush)

Andrew has a crush on Skyler and vice versa. They met after Amy placed Andrew into Teddy and PJ's school though everyone seemed afraid of him because he has a ton of anger problems. Skyler said that Andrew is the cutiest kid on the planet and that she wants to be with him.