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Ash Blu
Gender Male
Age 16
Profession Student,Basketball Player
Portrayed by Adam Hicks/ Lucas Gabreel
Family and Friends
Siblings Hannah Blu

Jocque Blu

Parents Raymond "Ray" Blu

Amanda Blu

Grandparents Unknown
Children None
Love Interests Teddy Duncan(current)
Stella Hartly (former)
Katie Duncan (On/Off Currently Off)
Friends PJ Duncan
Frenemies none
Enemies none
Pets Lucky
Ashton "Ash" Blu is the boyfriend of Teddy Duncan.He is Played by Adam Hicks. In It's Over his peronality and look changes when he starts dating Stella Hartly. After It's Over, he is protrayed by Lucas Grabeel. However this change is Reverted in Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.2 when he breaks up with Stella.

His look changes when he is with Stella.

Appearances Edit

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