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Betty's Child



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Betty Duncan has be pregnat for 1 month.Now when her water breaks she and every Duncan has to go to the hosptal.


Betty and her husband were over at the Duncans staying for two day since there the closest to the hospital.She, Amy, and Teddy were looking at decorating things and talking about what she is going to name her baby.Meanwhile the boys were all watching sports."Aunt Betty what are you going to name your baby?" Teddy asked.She whispered it to her."But dont tell Devon.He wants the baby to be named that" Betty said back." Lets get back to upstairs and start decorating" Amy said."GO GO GO GO YYYESSSSSSSS" Everyone screamed at the T.V.Betty made a moan and scream.The boys were terrified.Amy and Teddy were walking her down the stairs as fast as they could."BOB DEVON!BETTY'S WATER BROKE!"Amy said in a hurry.Everyone was driving to the hospital.But they were all in the Duncans car."Ok were here" Bob yelled.Everyone went inside.Betty screamed."This one is a pusher" She said.Gabe made a weird face.He went to Amy."Your lucky you arent having a baby because that would be you" he said pointing at Amy.Betty screamed the loudest she could.But then after 5 minutes there was silence.Devon came out.Hey everyone i will like you to meet someone."oh my gosh" Teddy whispered."Her name is Sydney" Betty said."Hey doctor can you get a picture of all of us" Devon asked.She snapped a picture.The picture was soon on Betty's wall.With it saying Our Wonderful Family.Then on the back it says Welcome Home Sydney.Betty went home and everyone was lucky to have a Wonderful Family.

End CreditsEdit

Sydney now 2 weeks old is seen with Toby.They are both sucking on binkies.They dont like each others binkies and trys to take it.At the end Allie walks in and takes both.Kayla walks in "You got served!" she said.


  • If you read Devon Deveto's page you would know in the begining the the baby would be named Sydney.
  • Sydney was one of the names Toby could have been called.
  • As seen in the end credits Toby and Sydney might have a complicated relationship

Main CastEdit

Eric Allan Kramer as Bob Duncan

Leigh Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan

Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan

  • Bridgit Mendler as Teddy Duncan
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan
  • Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan
  • TBA as Allie Duncan (End Credits Only)
  • TBA as Kayla Duncan (End Credits Only)
  • Jake Cinoa as Toby Duncan (End Credits Only)

Guest StarsEdit

  • Kim Rhodes as Betty Duncan
  • Cole Sprouse as Shanon Duncan
  • TBA as Devon Deveto (or) Duncan
  • unknown as The Doctor