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Blu Drama
Hannah blu died hair
Hannah with her dyed hair
Season 2
Created by User:Jazatz2
Directed by User:Jazatz2
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The Fast & The Charlie

The Blu's make another apearence, this time Hannah Blu is having trouble with her new boy friend and asks Teddy to help.

Summary Edit

Hannah Blu just broke up with her boy friend, and needs consoling. She calls Teddy Duncan over to help thinking she was a friend. So Hannah called Teddy and asked for help. Teddy immediately said no, but then though maybe if she helped Hannah, Ash would date her again. So Teddy was on her way over to the Blu Mansion. when Teddy arrives she can't believe her eyes they got an indoor tennis court and a hot tub room since her last visit!

" Wow!" Teddy exlaims."

"I know its a little messy but thats not the problem my parents have gone with Ash to baseball game or whatever and i'm stuck watching Jocque and now my boyfriend wants to break up and.. and..." Hannah started but ran out of breath

"It's ok i'll help." replied a worreid Teddy

Teddy was worried that because Ash wasn't here this visit would be pointless. She was about to say no, but then Hannah gave her a list of things to do (most of them involving her baby brother, Jocque) Teddy was just about to turn around and go home when Hannah offered her 300 dollars. Of course Teddy accepted the job now!

Hannah left to get "stuff" and Teddy was home at their awesome mansion, with Joque of course. Teddy couldn't beleive it Jocque was a sleep and she could relax and have fun! Teddy strted to play with their Z-Box 6 and watch some drama flicks on demand. All was well, well until Jocqcue started crying and I mean crying Teddy couldn't get him to stop! Then the worst thing possible happened.

Ash came home. This would of been perfect if Teddy could get the baby to stop crying. She was worried Ash would think she was a mean person and would probably wonder why she was there. But she was all wrong Ash came right up and held Jocqcue while Teddy song a lullaby. They where all cuddled together like a family.

Then Hannah came in screaming! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my hair it's blonde!!! I asked for a lighter brown and I come home to look at my self and find blonde!!!!!!!!!"

Ash reminds her that her natural color is blond and that the dye will just take some time to turn brown again. Hannah then forces Teddy out of the house and slams the door.

Teddy returns home to find PJ joined a sewing circle and has invited a bunch of old ladies over. Teddy looks confused but instead of asking whats going on she goes down to her room trying to recap her Blu filled day.