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Charlie's Pet Pony
Season 3
Created by Puffpuffchaos8989
Directed by Puffpuffchaos8989
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Mister Messy
Twins are 2!
In this episode Charlie wishes for a pet pony so Amy decides to take her to a horse ranch. Meanwhile Pj and Emmet are car shopping. Teddy is stuck watching gabe and the twins, which she hates, ALOT!


At the horse ranch Charlie has alot of fun riding the ponies! Amy gets interested when there is a horse riding competion and gets competitive. She trains for the next two days and hopes to beet Polly Poo another horse rider. The big race starts and Amy goes out front and Polly right behind and Amy just wins. Polly vowes to get her revange!.

As PJ and Emmet are car shopping they find many interesting cars like this one purple one with pink stripes and pony stickers on it that Emmet really likes sadly the Girly Girl Car 3000 is over $3000 so they can't afourd it instead they go with an older red car with flames to their dispaointment.

And Teddy's day was filled withy stinky diapers and a crank Gabe.

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