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"College, Teddy" is the 19 episode from Season 4 of Good Luck Charlie Fanon. It is the last episode of the series overall. The episode is broken into 2 parts.

Plot: Part OneEdit

Teddy goes to college and has a hard time saying goodbye to Charlie. Teddy must pack for Yale, plan her going away party, and also find the perfect ending for her video diaries. Meanwhile, Charlie steals money from Bob to buy Teddy a goodbye present, a $2,000 flat-screen TV.

Plot: Part TwoEdit

Bob needs to return the TV where he runs into Skylar. Skylar and PJ get back together at Teddy's goodbye party. Before the party ends, Teddy, PJ, and Gabe all sing an emotional rendition of "Clouds" by Zach Zobiech. The episode end when Charlie says "Good Luck Charlie" for the last video diary concluding the show.

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