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Teddy tries to get Amy and Bob's mom (Linda) to actually bond by going on a trip meanwhile Gabe, with the help of Jo Keener, tries to figure out why Dabney eats alot of deserts, yet she looses weight. Bob asks Teddy why there is alot of pastrys in their garbage bin...


Bob's mom, Linda and Mom try to bond with the help of Teddy. Gabe notices Mrs Dabney ordered alot of pastrys and he keeps noticing how her weight is slim. He then decides he needs to work it out, conveniently, Joe was spying on him to annoy him so they team up to work out how Mrs Dabney is doing it. Bob asks Teddy why there are pastrys in the garbage bin, in which she takes out a pie into the living area. Teddy thinks the only way to get them bond is to force them to eat junk food secretly. Bob asks Teddy then, why Amy is avoiding him, only to find out her and his mom are trying to bond. Gabe and Teddy have an akward moment..

Gabe: What are you doing?

Teddy: Trying to get Mom and Grandma to bond.. what are you doing?

Gabe: Seeing how.. Mrs Dabney eats pastrys yet she has slim weight.. where did you get that pie from?

Teddy: Garbage..? The one outside?

Gabe: YES!

Teddy: Well.. that was weird.. MOM! GRANDMA!


Bob: stands in amazement as end credits come on.

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