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Step father of Shanon Duncan and Betty's new child due sometime in the week.He is 34 and his wife is 31.He and Bob get along really well aswell as the Duncan children.


Betty DuncanEdit

He and Betty are married and are currently having a child soon.He is getting ready for there 2nd child aka there new baby girl.

Shanon DuncanEdit

He and his son have a good relationship they love playing sports but love football even more.Shanon loves his step father and his regular father the same but maybe his step father a tag more.

TBA DuncanEdit

He is getting ready for his 2nd child.He is really excited for his new baby girl and wants her to be named sydney.But no matter what she is named he is happy to have a new baby.

Bob DuncanEdit

He gets along well with his brother in law.They like to watch football games alltogether with them,Shanon,Gabe, and PJ.He also gets along pretty well with Amy.

The Duncan KidsEdit

He gets along super well with his nephews and neaces.They play together and he helps outs with Toby sometimes.

Sophie DuncanEdit

He always loves to play with his 4 year old white golden retriever.He loves dog alot and hopes to get another puppy someday.