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Family Game Night
Season 2
Created by Jessie1010
Directed by Jessie1010
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Charlie B. Gone
The Skyler vs. The Jen
Amy thinks that the family needs some more bonding time so she plans a family game night for the family. But each of the kids of plans that night so they each make a plan to cover for each other so they can sneak off.


Amy sees that at the dinner table, no one is talking. Even when she tries to make a conversation, the kids are so absorbed in their own stuff: Teddy texting, PJ playing with his fork, and Gabe playing video games on his Pinendo 3X. Amy tells them that they need to bond more so she plans a family game night for the upcoming Friday night. Appearantly, PJ, Teddy, and Gabe each have plans that night. Teddy is going to a Rusher meet and greet/cd signing, PJ is going on a date to see Dusk: Moonlight Shadow with Jen, and Gabe is going to be up in his room all night playing his favorite game, Core, against people all around the world so he can try and win the 1,000 dollar prize. When the night arizes, all three of them agree to cover for each other so each of them will get 30 minutes to go do what they need to do and come back. Everything goes fine for a little while. PJ goes on his date for 30 minutes then tells Jen that he needs to go home for a family emergency for a little bit. Teddy goes to the meet and greet and gets her cd signed. Gabe plays for 30 minutes, gets second place, winning $500, and leaves. But when Teddy goes back to the cd signing to find her cell phone, her car breaks down and she gets stuck there. Her cell phone wasn't there so she can't call PJ and Gabe and she can't get home. Amy and Bob realize something is up and they try to squeeze it out of PJ and Gabe. Now Teddy must get home before her parents get it out of her brothers and grounds them for life.


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  • Rusher is a parody of Usher
  • Pinendo 3X is a paordy of Nintendo DS
  • Dusk: Moonlight Shadow is a paordy of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawm