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Gabe Duncan
Gender Male
Age 14
Profession Mischief maker
Portrayed by Bradley-Steven Perry
Family and Friends
Siblings Teddy Duncan, PJ Duncan, Charlie Duncan, Toby Duncan, Amy & Kayla Duncan
Parents Amy Duncan, Bob Duncan
Grandparents Frank Duncan, Linda Duncan, Hank Blankenhooper, Petunia Blankenhooper and Chet Brown step-grandfather
Children None
Love Interests Marion Sparklez (ex-girlfriend), Jo Keener, and Chloe Thompson (girlfriend)
Friends Jake
Frenemies Jo Keener
Enemies None
Pets None
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Gabriel "Gabe" B. Duncan (born November 23, 1998)[2] is the second youngest Duncan child. Gabe is used to being the baby of the family and dislikes the fact that Charlie now holds that spot. He is portrayed by Bradley Steven Perry. Gabe is the youngest son of the family. It is revealed the is most that he is most feared kid in the third grade and he is in the fifth grade.


Gabe does not approve of his new sister Charlie's birth. He was the last of the main characters to get used to Charlie, which is normal to an average child. You may see Gabe become more fond of Charlie and at rare times agree to help take care of her. Like most, he uses the baby at times such as one episode where Gabe and his older brother PJ used Charlie as a baby model to get $150.00.

Gabe is known for being a troublemaker, sarcastic at most times, and apparently lazy. But he is also known as cunning and determined. He at times tricks PJ into things.

He is also a member of a basketball team that his dad (Bob Duncan) coaches, and even through his negative reputation at school Gabe was voted class president ("Teddy's Little Helper").

He gets annoyed by Charlie but truly loves her at heart.

Background InformationEdit

  • Gabe has an e-mail address ("Charlie is 2!").
  • His online account on the video hosting site is called "Gabe D." ("Charlie Goes Viral")
  • As of Good luck Charlie Fanon time,he is currently 14

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