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Hannah Blu
Hannah at School
Gender Female
Age 18 (season 1) 19 (season 2)
Profession Actress, Student
Portrayed by Miley Cryus
Family and Friends
Siblings Ash Blu

Jocque Blu

Parents Raymond "Ray" Blu

Amanda Blu

Grandparents Julia Jones I
Children none
Love Interests Gordan Divinity
Friends none
Frenemies Teddy Duncan
Enemies none
Pets Lucky
Hannah Blu is the older sister of Ash Blu. Hannah is 19 and is known as a mini celeberity throughout town for having a minor role in the movie Besties.


Hannah Blu thinks the world revolves around her. She has been known to do crazy stunts to impress people. (Crush), (It's Over)

Personal LifeEdit

Hannah has won a Gold Actress award through her school (It's Over)

Hannah has never been swimming yet, she wants to be a famous water ballet dancer when she grows up. (The Fast & The Charlie)


Ash BluEdit

Hannah love her brother like any otherr sister. Hannah is always ruining Ash's relationships from doing crazy stunts (Crush, It's Over, and Blu Drama)

Teddy DuncanEdit

Hannah thinks Teddy is her friend, but Teddy really just thinks Hannah is creepy


Hannah has had many boyfriends...

Justin LeoEdit

She dated him in The Break up,The Make up,and The Babysitter and he returned in Charlie Ever After.


Beau ParkerEdit

She dated him in Visit to Hollywood


Logan JacksonEdit

She dated him in Irene's Little Crush


Freddie TuckerEdit

She dated him in Ready Freddie


Appearances Edit