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It's Over
New Ash Blu with Stella Hartly
Season 1
Created by JayleyOTP & Jazatz2
Directed by JayleyOTP & Jazatz2
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New student, Stella Hartly is having her eyes all over Ash. Ash finds her sweet and appealing. They hang out so much, become best friends, she get's him to change his look, and they develop crushes on each other in 1 week! Teddy finds out and grows jealous. So she sends Ivy to spy. But ol' Stella ain't falling for that! She get's Ivy to admit what Teddy told her to do right in fromt of Ash! This causes Ash to break up with Teddy.

Sub PlotEdit

Hannah tries out for the school play and gets in, but is devistated to see that her partner is PJ Duncan. Hannah tries to do everything she can to make Pj get injued but usually ends up hurtingherself. In the end Hannah threatens Pj taht she will blow up his house. To her surprise Pj doesn't want the part any ways, and tells Miss Dona, the drama teacher, get someone else to do the job.


  • Teddy and Ash break up.
  • Stella becomes main in this episode.
  • It is possible Stella and Ash will begin dating in the next episode
  • The first episode where entire plot takes place at school
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