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Season 3
Created by Puppy of Pizzas
Directed by Puppy of Pizzas
Episode Guide
Joker Jooley Jones!


Jo gets jealous when Gabe at Matty start to date.When Gabe and Matty go on their 3 month anniversary,they are about to have there first kiss,when Jo comes in and interrupts it.Jo and Matty get in a fight and Jo Pulls a chunk of Matty's Hair out.Matty then Breaks up with Gabe,and storms off.The episode ends with Jo and Gabe looking at each other.


  • Jo and Gabe may or may not start dating after this episode
  • This is the final known appearance of Matty.
  • it is revealed Jo still has a crush on Gabe,even though its been 2 years.

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