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Joker Jooley Jones!
Season 3
Created by Jazatz2
Directed by Jazatz2
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Plot Edit

Teddy Tries to find a new job after being fired from syper adventure land. She winds up at the Circus deluxe amusement park. Here she gets a job working for Jooley Jones The head Jester. Teddy almost quits her job until she finds out Jooley is Ash's aunt and that ash comes to see her every thursday. This would make her seem even more nice and would definatly impress Amanda Blu who Teddy is currently trying to impress.

Sub Plot Edit

Hannah returns home to help her mother launch her singing career again. This doesn't go as planned as Hannah accedntaly books Amanda at Jooley's show. Amanda hates Jooley. When she finds out Teddy works there this makes her Furious and wishes that Teddy would stop dating her son.

Combined Plot Edit

Teddy begs her telling her she was only treing to help get to know the Blu family better. Amanda accepts her apolgy but is still furious with Teddy.