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Where'd I go?

Where is the last pleace you had her bob? Amy asks. The door! Bob answers. Y-you mean she's kidnapped? Teddy said in disapointment. Or shes lost. Amy added.

Whitechapel High School

Erica? Erica wouldn't answer Sarah. Eh I guess i'll just go sit with Kathina 'Kathy' Donting. Yes? Hey Kathy... Hey Sarah Erica said. Um.. Nevermind.

Sarah goes to sit with Benny and Ethan. Guys... Erica's name... Isn't Erica... She's Kathy. Um... We'll talk about that some ther tie. We have bigger problems. Benny said.

Benny's house

Come on Derek. Erica call me Jesse just in case. They stole te baby and flew out the window.

Duncan House.

Mrs. Ducan? I went to the park and found this baby just wandering outside. Oh thank you Kathy, Mrs. Duncan said. Hey can me and teddy go to the park? H sure! Teddy! Amy called.

Benny's house

The baby is gone! Sarah screamed! And I just figured out whats happening! Ethan said. She s a holy angel who's power is greater tan vampire bites and... Wait rory cut him off. That means she's leaving Delaware... I was going to say that she will leave... during her sleep.

Duncan house

Kayla floats up and away... Not seen again until the next episode.

Note: is not real.

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