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Love Sick
Love Sick
Season 4
Created by Maria1234567890
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Love SickEdit


  • · Marion Sparklez
  • · Gabe Duncan
  • · Teddy Duncan
  • · Jake
  • · PJ Duncan
  • · Charlie Duncan
  • · Amy Duncan
  • · Bob Duncan
  • · Toby Duncan

In the house, Gabe comes in through the door

Gabe: Teddy I need help.

Teddy: *sighs* What with.

Gabe: Well, there’s this girl in my class, her name is Marion.

Teddy: Another crush, eh. Well, if you want to “get” her why not try bringing her some flowers and chocolate.

Gabe: Take me to the store.

Teddy: For want?

Gabe: To buy my Marion’s gifts.

Teddy: Oh dear.

(Theme Song)

(Bell Rings at School)

Gabe: Um, Marion I got these for you.

Marion: Thanks, Gabe!

Gabe: Come to my house sometime.

Marion: Okay!

At the Duncan’s house

(Door Bell Rings)

Teddy opens the door

Gabe: Is it Marion?!?!

Jake: Hi Gabe!

Gabe: Oh, it’s you.

Jake: Gabe, we’re supposed to do that report together on-

(Door Bell Rings)

Gabe opens the door

Marion: Hi Gabe!

Gabe: Hi Marion!

Gabe: Mom, Dad, PJ, & Teddy!

Amy & Bob: PJ is at work and what’s this about? Toby, Charlie, Allie, and Kayla are trying to sleep!

Teddy: I need to get ready to go to Ivy’s!

Gabe: Mom, Dad, & Teddy meet Marion Sparklez!

Marion: Hi!

Amy: Nice to meet you.

Marion: Wow! You have a nice family! Well, I need to go. By Gabe! (Marion kisses Gabe)

Teddy: Well, Toby, Charlie, Allie, and Kayla, Gabe actually got his first girlfriend. Didn’t see that coming.

Amy: Good Luck, Toby, Charlie, Allie, and Kayla.