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Meet the Sparklez
Season 4
Created by Maria1234567890
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Meet the SparklezEdit


• Gabe Duncan • Amy Duncan • Marion Sparklez • Wendy Sparklez • Duchess Sparklez

Gabe: I can’t what to meet your family! Marion: Well, here we are! Gabe: Wow! Marion: Sis’, come meet my boyfriend, Gabe. Wendy: Hello Gabe. Gabe: Hello. Duchess: Arph, arph! Marion: Come here Duchess Duchess: Arph, Arph! Duchess licks Gabe & Marion. Marion: He likes you! Gabe: Yeah. Marion: You know, I just looooove animals! It would be great to have a stuff animal. Gabe: I got to go, so catch you later. Marion: Okay, bye Gaby-waby! (Theme Song) At the Duncan’s house Gabe: Mom, drive me to make-a-monkey. Amy: Why? Gabe: It’s for Marion, she loves animals. Amy: Oh. Well then, get in the car. A few hours later Gabe: That was so boring, but at least I got the monkey for Marion. Bye mom, I’m going to Marion’s Amy: Bye. (Doorbell rings) Marion: Hello? Gabe: It’s me, Gabe. Marion: Oh! Gabe: I got you this. Marion: Aw. It’s so cute! Wendy: Well little kid, you made my sister so happy. I’m on to you. Gabe: Werido. Wendy: I HEARD THAT!