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Season 3
Created by Puppy of Pizzas
Directed by Puppy of Pizzas
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It's Not about the Money

Overhear-leader is the first episode of Season 3 of Good Luck Charlie Fanon


Matty Blu,The school Gossip and cheerleader,Starts a rumor that Jason returned and Teddy was going to get back together with him.this infuriates Teddy and Ash,and they decide to get back at Matty.Unfortunately,Neither of them are too good at payback.They seek help from Gabe.Gabe ends up with a crush on Matty,and teddy and Ash decide to just give it up,and get over it.


  • Gabe gets a crush on Matty
  • its is learned Matty is a gossip in this episode
  • This is the fist known time Gabe has really interacted with Ash.

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