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Rachel Techno
Rachel tecno
Rachel (she's a little crazy)
Gender Female
Age 17
Profession Robotic engineering
Portrayed by Angela Crazed
Family and Friends
Siblings Tommy Techno
Parents Molly Techno & Steven Techno
Grandparents Frank Techno
Children none
Love Interests PJ Duncan
Friends none
Frenemies none
Enemies Amy Duncan

Bob Duncan
Teddy Duncan
Gabe Duncan
Charlie Duncan
Allie Duncan
Kayla Duncan

Pets Sparky
Rachelle Cynthia Techno "Rachel" 's Father was a computer genius and her mother was a Robot Creator. She lived in Denver for 1 year when she was 14 during that year she fell in love with Pj but cought Pj Cheating on him and swore her revenge before she left for LA.



  • Rachel has been to a mental hospital before.
  • Rachel was the first girl Pj dated
  • She graduated College at age 16