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Season 3 is almost close to being over but people are wondering when is season 4? Well season 4 is almost here it wll come quickly and im excited for it.But you will not believe what happens heres a hint for one of the big surprises HINT:The number 8! but that surprise will be revealed at the season 3 finale and wont happen till later on in the season.But big surprises are heading youre way and questions you have been asking will be revealed: Will Rachel Techno escape? Will Amy have another baby? or What will happen as Allie,Kayla, and Charlie grow up? Stay for season 4 to find out.Or contact on of these admins.

  • Jazatz2
  • Jessie1010
  • PickleDudette aka admin aka our founder

and tons more.




  • Amy may or may not have another baby
  • Rachel Techno may or may not return
  • Gabe may or may not date Joe
  • Teddy may or not break up with Ash Blu