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Skippy Duncan
Gender Female
Age 9
Profession Student
Portrayed by
Family and Friends
Siblings PJ Duncan (oldest brother)
Teddy Duncan (older sister)
Gabe Duncan (older brother)
Charlie Duncan (younger sister)
Toby Duncan (younger brother)
Parents Amy Duncan (mother)
Bob Duncan (father)
Grandparents Linda Duncan
Frank Duncan
Petuniala Blankenhooper
Hank Blankenhooper
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Friends Gabe Duncan
Teddy Duncan
PJ Duncan
Jo Keener
Lauren Dabney
Frenemies Charlie Duncan
Toby Duncan
Enemies Madison
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Sofia “Skippy” Duncan (born August 1, 2005) is the middle daughter, and the younger middle child (in otherwords, 4th child) of the Duncan Family. She usually hangs out with Gabe or Teddy, she and Gabe often act out to get attention, hey, it’s the only way they will get it. She has nothing of her own, sharing her room with her younger sister, Charlie, and the title of middle child with Gabe.

Personality Edit

Skippy is adorable, but sassy, all at the same time. She wants to be like her sister, Teddy, but she, like Gabe, often feels copelled to break the rules to get attention. Her mom says she is a handful, she says she’s just trying to survive her very weird life as a middle child. To please them, she usually does whatever her older siblings say, except Gabe because she feels more open around him. She is spunky, independent, and bold. She may be tiny, but she’s powerful, she also has a good intention in mind.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has very light brown hair and brown eyes, she looks kind of in between Gabe and Toby, and the rest of her siblings with her hair color. According to her siblings she isn’t very tall, being only 5.5 inches taller than her sister Charlie, despite being four years older than her, and being significantly shorter than all her older siblings. She doesn’t care much about style, and normally wears combat boots on her feet.

Relationships Edit

Gabe Duncan Edit

Skippy thinks of Gabe as her best friend. They like to cause mishief together, and always have each other’s backs. When Skippy was upset once, Gabe said “We’re the middle kids, and middle kids stick together.”

Teddy Duncan Edit

Teddy likes to think she is the closest one in the family to Skippy. She has never made anything like video diaries for her young sister, yet she still likes to think she’s Skippy’s favorite. Skippy usually does what Teddy says because if her siblings are going to acknowledge her presence, might as well make it positive.

PJ Duncan Edit

PJ doesn’t spend much time with Skippy, but he does say she’s his favorite sister, since she’s not a bookworm or a five-year-old. However it doesn’t mean much, and a lot of things that PJ says don’t make sense to his family. Skippy usually does what PJ wants so that she will fall on his good side.

Charlie Duncan Edit

Skippy shares a room with Charlie, they don’t hang out very often, but Skippy often wants to make Charlie (or Toby) the victim of her pranks. This is probably due to the fact that she still hasn’t gotten over the fact that they’re the new babies of the family.

Background Information Edit

  • Skippy’s real name is Sofia, however she goes by Skippy since when she learned to walk, she started skipping around the house.
  • As of Good Luck Charlie Fanon time, Skippy is 9 years old.
  • She doesn’t have a phone, unlike her older siblings.