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Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.1
Teddy and Jason meet
Season 2
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
Episode Guide
Bye Bye Ash
Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.2:Ash is Back

"You don't understand Ivy!Ash left me for stella and then he left with out even saying Goodbye!"


Teddy Remembers a moment between her and Ash.


Jason Reveals he is a werewolf

Teddy goes nuts

Teddy's vamire side kicks in and she tries to kill Jason with a silver bullet

Teddy's Boyfriend the Werewolf Pt.1 is a Good Luck Charlie Fanon season 2 episode.Each part is an hour long.


After Ash has broken up with her and Left,Teddy Becomes depressed.She meets Jason Conn and becomes interested in him.They begin dateing but Ivy says that theirs somthing weird about him.Later Gabe see's Jason turn into a werewolf and tries to tell Teddy but she dosen't listen.Gabe and PJ team up to prove he is a

There first date

Werewolf.Then Jason admit he is a werewolf,inwhitch teddy's vampire instincts kick in(bitten in My Best Friend is a Vampire? Pt 3 and returning in Twins are 1!) and being the natural enemy of the Werewolf she goes Crazy and tries to kill Jason.Then she apoligizes after being snaped out of it.

"I'm so sorry Jason!"