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The Break up,The Make up,and The Babysitter
Hannah and Justin
Season 2
Created by Pickledudette
Directed by Pickledudette
Episode Guide
Movie Moving Time!
Bye Bye Ash

Plot Edit

Emmet wants Ivy Back,and Raymond just broke up with Ivy.Ivy decieds she might as well use Emmet to make Raymond jelous.However she falls in love with him on the Jelousy date and decides to Date him again.On all their date nights Teddy must Baby sit Irene, Ivy's little sister along with Charlie and the twins.After Teddy gets over stressed she freaks out and tells ivy she can't babysit anymore.

Sub PlotEdit

  • Hannah Blu starts crushing on Justin Leo in Hollywood.
  • While everyone thinks their on a trip to the Colorado State Fair, PJ and Jen really get stuck in a movie theatre supply closet after a snap decision to see a movie before the fair.


  • Emmet and Ivy get back together
  • The title is a parody of The Lion,The Witch,and The Wardrobe

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