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Ash and Teddy dance before Ash goes on vacation

Summary== Kayla hits her terrible 2's.Ash goes on vacation so he and Teddy try to have a nice dance.Meanwhile Bob tries to get Toby to walk.



Amy cleaned up the mess and walked in the kitchen to Bob.

AMY:"Well Bob this isnt a good day.Teddy is crushed because Ash has to go on vacation for 3 weeks.Kayla is going through her terrible 2's,and we need to teach Toby to walk" Amy said stressed.

BOB:"Honey go with Kayla i will handle Toby and Teddy can deal with Ash herself" Bob responded.


AMY:"Cmon we gotta break your terrible 2's" Amy said.

KAYLA:"NO" Kayla screamed.

AMY:"Honey im warning you i know alot more words" Amy said to Kayala angry.She spent the whole morning with her and finally the last part came.

"Kayla.Go draw on the wall" Amy waited for her response.............

KAYLA:"NO" Kayla screamed.Amy was exhausted but happy she is back.

AMY:"One down Toby to go" Amy said.

Bob,Amy, and TobyEdit

"C'mon Toby stand up" Bob said to Toby.Surprisingly he stood up.Then fell.He cried for 10 minutes.Amy entered."Honey how did we get Allie to walk?" Bob asked."Well we gave up at the end.Then we sat on the couch and she just started walking" Amy said.They looked at each other.Then sat on the couch."Its not working" Amy said to Bob.So they tried and tried and tried until............"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Toby screeched."TOBY I KNOW ITS HARD know what we give up" Bob said.They sat down and saw in shock Toby walking."How did he walk without us?" Bob asked.Amy looked at herself."Honey.Were on the couch!" Amy replied to his question.Well looks like Toby can walk!

Teddy and Ash

"Bye Ash.Im really gonna miss you" Teddy said upset."Well its not over" He said.He took her hand and she and Ash danced and didnt stop until she watched his plane fly off."Bye Ash see you in 3 weeks" Teddy said to herself walking away.


  • Jason Dolley as PJ Duncan is absent
  • Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe Duncan is absent
  • TBA as Allie Duncan is absent
  • Toby walks for the first time in this episode
  • This episode ends in a unusual way
  • Kayla starts her terrible 2's and ends them
  • Ash and Teddy dance nice knowing that they really love each other.

End CreditsEdit

Toby and Kayla walk in to each other.They stare at each other a long time."When did you start walking" Kayla aked him."Today its so cool wondering the house" Toby replied.They walked away."See ya around" Toby said.