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(Note: This episode left from where Me, Myself and I left off!)


From last episode, gabe uses the time machine with teddy who stops him twenty years later, mom has grey hair and bob bald, charlie looks lie teddy but brown dyed hair and a pale and makeoverd face. Teddy had a womans outfit and teddys kids where in there bedrooms. When Future Teddy saw Gabe, she reverted to her teenager self again and tried getting him in trouble for his mishchevious. Future Charlie with Future Teddy travel, to the past when it was study date and saved bob.She also told past teddy that spencer cheated on her before spencer met sklyar which made the future all into Gabes world where he was king. They have to mend it and when everything is back to normal, amy sayings "Bob dear, i feel frozen in time" which she knows about it however, PJ is on a date with Skylar but Spencer ruins it.

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