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    Keep up good work

    July 14, 2012 by Puppylog

    Keep up the good fanons guys if my typing is bad it's because I'm on a iPad but yeah keep up the good work -Puppylog aka Logan :)

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    new baby

    June 29, 2012 by Puppylog

    so i decided that the final baby is on the way and the special 10 parter for the boy or the way i want u guys to vote the names i came up with but voting ends on July 9,2012 before the special delivery on July 24,2012


    • Jonah
    • Jordan
    • Derrick
    • Nick
    • Zach


    • Jasmine
    • Taylor
    • Jennifer
    • Tatianna
    • Whitney

    Here is my shecdule

    June 29-secret surprise

    June 30-over week

    July 1-gender and baby names pt.1

    July 2-gender and baby names pt.2

    July 3-the stress

    July 4-my big stomach

    July 5-family meeting

    July 6-adoption?pt.1

    July 7-adoption?pt.2

    July 8-adoption?pt.3

    July 9- i hope and why


    stay tuned for tomorrows episode

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    keep going

    May 9, 2012 by Puppylog

    keep working on the episodes and pics. also great work pickledudette. also what do you think the 5th baby name should be. post your opinion on the name at the new wiki activity 5th child

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