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so i decided that the final baby is on the way and the special 10 parter for the boy or the way i want u guys to vote the names i came up with but voting ends on July 9,2012 before the special delivery on July 24,2012


  • Jonah
  • Jordan
  • Derrick
  • Nick
  • Zach


  • Jasmine
  • Taylor
  • Jennifer
  • Tatianna
  • Whitney

Here is my shecdule

June 29-secret surprise

June 30-over week

July 1-gender and baby names pt.1

July 2-gender and baby names pt.2

July 3-the stress

July 4-my big stomach

July 5-family meeting

July 6-adoption?pt.1

July 7-adoption?pt.2

July 8-adoption?pt.3

July 9- i hope and why


stay tuned for tomorrows episode

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